We believe  that any organization can only be as strong as its structure.


Board Of Directors


Karandeep Sheoran - Managing Director

Since its formation by Mr. Karandeep Sheoran in November 2015, The E5 Company is contributing to the ever-increasing needs of India’s infrastructure market by providing quality infrastructure output.

We believe that every project we do is meant for the betterment of our society, country and globe. So we strive for perfection and efficiency in every project, completing them to the highest quality and in the shortest time possible.

Our vision is supported by a young, hard-working and dedicated workforce. Hence we salute them all.

Subhashish Pradhan - Chief Executive Officer

A young and dynamic personality with Positive approach. He is innovative, good Mentor & Coach. His creative ideas are always helpful to achieve the company goals. He is a Business Graduate. His positive approach towards learning something new and company goals has helped to grow up the organization. He always motivates the team to give their best for better output.


There are always the best performers. But there are people who take charge, who take responsibility like no other, who are unstoppable, who define entropic. The E5 family is proud of the following members for their exceptional willingness and effort:



General Manager

For unthinkable effort in management of Jind-Karnal project.


Pawan Nain

Project Director

For the sheer determination on Nepal project constantly


Vinit Nain

Site Co-Ordinator

For the fastest learning and execution management on Jind-Karnal project.


Sukant Singh

AGM- Maintenance & Purchasing
For the exceptional performance during Earthwork execution in Rohtak-Meham project



Chief Manager – Liasoning

For an unmatchable performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Elite team was decided on following criteria:

Self Growth.

Team Building.

Imparting Knowledge Selflessly.

Sacrifices for Company.


Baljeet Singh

Deputy Project Manager

From a highway engineer who specialised in bituminous work came the best site coordinator for E5. Baljeet has emerged as the best site coordinator because of his ability to be the bridge between management and engineering. Baljeet’s experience and patience have been essential to ensure a good execution and team building for the family. All the family respects him and looks up to him.


Saurabh Lamba

Project Manager

Delivery of projects on time within the set budget is his prime focus. He ensures scheduling, documentation, cost control, project billing, design, operations and maintenance. He says The E5 Company has given him a lot to learn and grow in his field of work.


Aatma Ram

Plant Head

E5 family’s most experienced mechanical asset. Atmaram not just came with his experience, but also learned exponentially and made others learn exponentially. Despite being uneducated formally, Atmaram taught the educated with his skills and will. Atmaram’s guidance is an essential for the E5 family.


Provat Sarkaar

Lab Head

The E5 best Material Engineer with a vast experience in the industry. Dada trained enough Lab engineers to bring the company where it is. Dada imparted his knowledge with every day going. His experience and his good will is what has created the foundation for E5. E5 family will respect Dada for his truthfulness.


Pradeep Nehra

Site Co-ordinator

Joined E5 as a fresher who’s will to take responsibility is yet to be matched. Pradeep has made his way to project coordinator and E5 expects a lot from him. Pradeep’s effort to give his best to the E5 family is highly appreciated. Pradeep is learning and has learnt exponentially in order to execute the job at hand. His effort is what every fresher should learn from.


Sukant Singh

AGM- Maintenance & Purchasing

From IT to Mechaninal to Civil, Sukant has been the most flexible, determined and fast learning family member. Sukant dedication for the E5 family has been unprecedented and his will has taken him from Maintenance executive to AGM Maintenance. Sukant’s journey has connected him to every part of the company. Sukant’s effort is to look upto for every young professional and E5 family respects that.


Ashish Bakshi

Chief Manager – Liasoning

Joined E5 as the family’s first MBA. Ashish has always been ready to risk his life for growth. As a result we proudly say that Ashish is the E5 family’s best Liasoning Officers. Ashish has managed multiple legal matters in multiple departments. His abilities have increased multiple folds in every department. And unlike any other family E5 is proud of Ashish’s effectiveness.


Shivesh Chahal

DPM – Billing

Joined as a fresher. Worked his way up to DPM and is ready for future growth. Shivesh’s growth is what we look for in every fresher we hire. Shivesh has undergone a tremendous amount of pressure in order to be where he is. His ability to bear pressure has grown by the day. E5 family acknowledges his effort and is sure of his further growth.



Structure Engineer

Joined E5 with a little experience in structures and is one the most dedicated Sr. Structure engineer in the E5 family. Kuldeep grew from minor structures to major structures in very small time because of the effort he put in. His effort has been astounding to learn more and more. Kuldeep has stood on his bridge in order to learn more, thats what made that bridge his bridge. E5 family salutes his dedication.


Gitika Wadhwa


She performs the basic functions of the HR department, handling areas such as personnel management, social welfare, maintenance of HR records, Time office and ensure company HR policy is followed across all employees. She also takes care and coordinate the administrative functions of the organization.



Site Manager
Designed anti smog gun. The market price was over Rs. 1.5 lakh and he made it within Rs. 40k.